Chapter 5. Using Metrics to Improve Quality

In this chapter, we will cover the following recipes:

  • Estimating the value of your project through Sloccount
  • Looking for "smelly" code through code coverage
  • Activating more PMD rulesets
  • Creating custom PMD rules
  • Finding bugs with FindBugs
  • Enabling extra FindBug rules
  • Finding security defects with FindBugs
  • Verifying HTML validity
  • Reporting with JavaNCSS
  • Checking style using an external pom.xml
  • Faking checkstyle results
  • Integrating Jenkins with SONAR


Some of the build files and code have deliberate mistakes, such as bad naming conventions, poor coding structures, or platform-specific encoding. These defects exist to give Jenkins a target to fire tests against.


This chapter explores the use of Jenkins ...

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