Activating Fitnesse HtmlUnit Fixtures

Fitnesse is an extendable testing framework. It is possible to write your own testing types known as fixtures, and call the new test types through Fitnesse tables. This allows Jenkins to run alternative tests than the ones available.

This recipe shows you how to integrate Functional tests using an HtmlUnit fixture. The same approach can be used for other fixtures as well.

Getting ready

This recipe assumes that you have already performed testing with the Fitnesse recipe.

How to do it...

  1. Visit, and download and unpack HtmlFixture-2.5.1.
  2. Move the HtmlFixture-2.5.1/lib directory to the FitNesseRoot directory.
  3. Copy HtmlFixture-2.5.1/ to FitNesseRoot/
  4. Start Fitnesse. ...

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