Harold Apolinsky, Esq., Estate Tax Law Specialist

It would not have been possible to write a book of this magnitude without the support, assistance, and encouragement of our law firm, Sirote & Permutt. Winston and I owe a special thank you to the 13 other members of our Estate and Probate Department: Katherine N. Barr, Emilee Hellums, Elizabeth Hutchins, Shirley Justice, Leigh Kaylor, Melinda Mathews, Sandy Mullins, Howard Neiswender, Tanya Shunnara, Craig Stephens, Peter Wright, John Baggette, and George Gaston—bright and gifted lawyers who believe in top-quality legal care, outstanding service to clients, and innovation.

We are all constantly seeking and studying new estate-planning ideas to help clients not only accumulate wealth but keep wealth within their families. I want to acknowledge the encouragement of my wife, Marissa Levine Apolinsky, who exhibited unlimited patience as I spent time writing, as well as the years of encouragement from my children, Steve Apolinsky, Felice Apolinsky, and Craig Apolinsky, who convinced me that with hard work and determination nothing was impossible to achieve. Finally, without the help of our loyal assistants, Marsha Self and Reva Ramey, the demanding publishing deadlines could never have been met. The most fun for me has been to work with Stewart Welch, a most gifted individual and innovative financial adviser.

J. Winston Busby, Esq., LLM

I would like to thank my wife, Casey Busby, who provided me with uninterrupted ...

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