Example of a Contour Plot
To create a contour plot, you need two variables for the x- and y-axes and at least one more variable for contours. You can also use several y-variables. This example uses the Little Pond.jmp sample data table. X and Y are coordinates of a pond. Z is the depth.
1. Select Help > Sample Data Library and open Little Pond.jmp.
2. Select Graph > Contour Plot.
3. Select the X and Y coordinates and click X.
4. Select the depth, Z, and click Y.
Note: In a contour plot, the X1 and X2 roles are used for the X and Y axes.
5. Click Specify.
6. In the Contour Specification window, select # of Contours as 7.
7. Select Minimum as -4.
8. Select Maximum as 8.
9. Click OK.
Figure 6.2 Example of a Contour Plot with Legend
The x- and ...

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