Chapter 1. Getting Started

  • 1.1 Using JMP Essentials

  • 1.2 Launching JMP

  • 1.3 JMP Menus

  • 1.4 JMP Windows

  • 1.5 JMP Preferences

  • 1.6 Summary

JMP was developed to help people with questions about their data get the answers they need through the use of graphs and numerical results. For most people, memories of statistics are a very unpleasant, if not forgotten, part of their education. If you see yourself as a new, occasional, or even reluctant user of data analysis, we want you to know that we have written this book for you.

It is important to note that throughout the historical development of statistics as a scientific discipline, people had real problems they needed to solve and developed statistical techniques to help solve them. Statistics can be thought of ...

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