Questions by Career Fields and Industries

Production of virtually every Hollywood flick concludes with the director’s “wrap party” (“That’s a wrap!”). The classic event for cast and crew of a film celebrates the end of principal photography before the work goes into post-production.

Welcome to the Wrap Party

Adapting that pleasant film tradition to Job Interviews For Dummies, 4th Edition, I’m throwing a wrap party. Sorry, you won’t find coupons here for champagne or canapés, but I do celebrate with an extra helping of a different kind of popular job interview questions. If you’re wondering about the primary distinction between previous questions and those you’ll find in this appendix, here it is:

check.png Wide angle: Job interview questions within this guidebook’s chapters shine floodlights on information about you that can come up in any line of work.

check.png Narrow angle: Job interview questions in “The Wrap Party” shine a spotlight on information about you that can come up in a particular line of work.

tip.eps Read questions even when they’re out of your territory. With a little imagination, you can adapt a number of topics to your scenario.

The upcoming pages include selected job interview ...

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