Chapter 7

After-Interview Letters

In This Chapter

arrow Turning thank-you letters into powerful self-marketing messages

arrow Reviewing a dozen good reasons to step up your post-interview game

arrow Analyzing sample letter tactics to decide which work best for you

Does the letter you normally write to an employer following an interview read pretty much like one you may send to a grandparent saying thanks for a graduation gift? If so, you’re missing golden opportunities.

The old single-purpose thank-you format shows good manners. It’s polite. But manners and politeness aren’t nearly enough to make sure you cross the finish line first. The solution? Burn your old-fashioned thank-you-for-the-graduation-gift format and step lively into to a 21st-century sales mind-set.

Learn to write job clincher letters, as superstar professional writer Don Orlando terms them. Learn to write persuasive after-interview messages that are sales letters at heart.

In your resume and during your interview, you sold yourself on being a great match for the job — superb qualifications, competencies, skills, experience, and interest — all brought to life with true and lively tales of accomplishments. Why stop the winning streak ...

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