Job Searching with Social Media For Dummies, 2nd Edition

Book description

Harness social media to land your dream job

For anyone looking for a first job, exploring a career change, or just setting up for future success, social media sites are proven platforms for facilitating connections, demonstrating passions and interests, and ultimately landing the job. Job Searching with Social Media For Dummies enables you to harness the power of the Internet to research and identify job opportunities, and then create a strategy for securing a position.

Job Searching with Social Media For Dummies features in-depth coverage of topics such as: creating effective online profiles and resumes to sell your strengths; maintaining your online reputation and understanding electronic etiquette; using the power of personal branding and building your brand online; avoiding common pitfalls, such as jumping into filling out a social media profile without a strategy; getting to know Twitter, the only real-time job board with literally thousands of jobs posted daily; using social media sites to uncover opportunities in the "hidden job market" ahead of the competition; and much more.

  • Takes the mystery out of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

  • Offers advice on how to brand yourself online

  • Includes coverage of the latest changes to social platforms and websites

If you're a recent graduate, changing careers, or have been away from the job-search scene for a while, turn to the trusted guidance and expert insight of Job Searching with Social Media For Dummies.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Introduction
  5. Part I: Preparing for Your Job Search
    1. Chapter 1: The Lowdown on Social Media for Job Hunters
    2. Chapter 2: Setting Yourself Up for a Successful Job Search
    3. Chapter 3: Reviewing the Essentials of Online Networking
  6. Part II: Marketing Yourself with a Personal Brand
    1. Chapter 4: Personal Branding 101
    2. Chapter 5: Crafting Keywords, Value Statements, and More
    3. Chapter 6: Blogging Your Way to a Job Interview
    4. Chapter 7: Facing Your Online Reputation
  7. Part III: Crafting Web Résumés with LinkedIn, Video, and More
    1. Chapter 8: Updating Your Résumé for an Online Audience
    2. Chapter 9: Using LinkedIn to Put Your Best Profile Forward
    3. Chapter 10: Producing a Compelling Video Résumé
    4. Chapter 11: Casting a Wide Net with Other Online Résumés
  8. Part IV: Using Twitter, Facebook, and Other Sites to Find a Position
    1. Chapter 12: Uncovering the Hidden Job Market with Twitter
    2. Chapter 13: Using Facebook as a Job Hunter
    3. Chapter 14: Getting Familiar with Other Networks for Job Hunters
  9. Part V: Executing Your Proactive Social Media Job Hunt Strategies
    1. Chapter 15: Triangulating Opportunities, Companies, and People to Target
    2. Chapter 16: Discovering a Company's Needs
    3. Chapter 17: Embracing the Informational Interview for an Insider Advantage
    4. Chapter 18: Engaging with Hiring Managers through Social Media
  10. Part VI: The Part of Tens
    1. Chapter 19: Ten Ways the Job Search Has Evolved in the 21st Century
    2. Chapter 20: (Almost) Ten Ways to Stay Up-to-Date with Social Media Changes
    3. Chapter 21: Ten Common Mistakes People Make When Using Social Media
  11. About the Author
  12. Cheat Sheet
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  • Title: Job Searching with Social Media For Dummies, 2nd Edition
  • Author(s): Joshua Waldman
  • Release date: October 2013
  • Publisher(s): For Dummies
  • ISBN: 9781118678565