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Joomla! 1.5 Multimedia

Book Description

Build media-rich Joomla! web sites by learning to embed and display Multimedia content

  • Build a livelier Joomla! site by adding videos, audios, images and more to your web content

  • Install, configure, and use popular Multimedia Extensions

  • Make your web site collaborate with external resources such as Twitter, YouTube, Google, and Flickr with the help of Joomla! extensions

  • Follow a step-by-step tutorial to create a feature-packed media-rich Joomla! site

  • In Detail

    Joomla! is a content management system designed to organize and deliver content within a web site environment. Multimedia provides us with stunning interactive user experiences and wonderful design options, but it requires discipline and knowledge to utilize it effectively so that we do not alienate our audiences. If you want to display more than just text on your Joomla! pages, this book has been designed for you and is a must-read. It takes you beyond the basics of Joomla! and helps to take full advantage this powerful CMS structure to deliver media-rich web content to your site users.

    This book provides detailed information and all the required know-how for Joomla! administrators to create engaging media-rich Joomla! web sites. Utilizing core Joomla! features and the power of Joomla! Extensions, this step-by-step guide will show you how to include popular media elements into your web site and collaborate with external web resources.

    You will learn everything you need to know to present text, images, video, and audio in your content both by manually embedding content and using more automated methods. You will learn to create regular podcasts and utilize RSS to help publicize and deliver your site content.Learn about the popular Multimedia Extensions for Joomla! Learn how they benefit your CMS with additional features and how they are installed and configured. Utilize the abundance of external resources now available on the Web. Learn how your Joomla! site can interact and present web content from external resources such as YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, and Google.

    This book teaches all you need to know to take your standard Joomla! CMS and turn it into a feature packed and media-rich web site. It highlights the benefits of Multimedia features and warns of the accessibility issues that can arise when they are misused. Follow step-by-step tutorials for implementing popular media elements into your site and learn about the accessibility of these resources and how to utilize them effectively with accessibility in mind.

    Table of Contents

    1. Joomla! 1.5 Multimedia
      1. Joomla! 1.5 Multimedia
      2. Credits
      3. About the Author
      4. About the Reviewers
      5. Preface
        1. What this book covers
        2. What you need for this book
        3. Who this book is for
        4. Conventions
        5. Reader feedback
        6. Customer support
          1. Errata
          2. Piracy
          3. Questions
      6. 1. Getting Started with Joomla! Multimedia
        1. What is multimedia?
          1. Categories of multimedia
            1. Linear
            2. Non-linear
              1. Hypermedia
              2. Website multimedia
                1. Various types of website multimedia
        2. What is Joomla!?
          1. Including multimedia in your Joomla! site
        3. Multimedia use in your Joomla! CMS
          1. Text
          2. Images
          3. Audio
          4. Video
        4. Multimedia and web accessibility
          1. Can a multimedia website be accessible?
            1. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
            2. Section 508
          2. More information on web accessibility
          3. Web browser support for multimedia
        5. Summary
      7. 2. Managing Your Joomla! Media
        1. Overview of the Joomla! Media Manager
        2. Uploading media using the Media Manager
          1. Media Manager settings
          2. The view
          3. Organizing your content
            1. Creating a new directory
            2. Deleting files
          4. Uploading your content
            1. Single file upload
            2. Multiple file uploads
        3. Managing media using the Media Manager
        4. Alternative method of managing files and media
          1. FTP clients
            1. FTP programs
            2. Connecting using an FTP program
          2. FTP via a web browser
            1. Connecting to FTP via a web browser
            2. Uploading and downloading
            3. Web browser plugins
              1. SFTP
          3. Third-party file management extensions
            1. eXtplorer
            2. Joomla! Flash Uploader
        5. Summary
      8. 3. Text, Characters, and Fonts in Your Joomla! Site
        1. Overview of text, characters, and fonts
        2. Fonts and their effect on website users
        3. Which font is best to use?
          1. Sans-serif fonts
            1. Verdana
            2. Arial and Helvetica
            3. Trebuchet MS
            4. Lucinda Sans family
          2. Serif fonts
            1. Times New Roman / Times
            2. Georgia
            3. Palatino Linotype / Palatino
        4. Joomla! Templates and Cascading Style Sheets
          1. What is a Joomla! Template?
            1. Template CSS
            2. CSS font properties
              1. Font family
              2. Font size
            3. Meet the units
              1. Setting the text size using em
              2. Setting the text size using percent
              3. Setting the text size using pixels
              4. Setting the text size using points
                1. Font style
                2. Font weight
        5. Alternative methods to use custom fonts in your web pages
        6. Joomla! text and typography extensions
          1. Frontend font size adjuster (M)
          2. JsIFR3 (P)
          3. capDropper (P)
        7. Browser support and accessibility around fonts
        8. Summary
      9. 4. Adding and Managing Image Content
        1. Images and why we use them in websites
        2. Image formats and which ones to use
          1. Digital images
          2. Lossy and lossless data compression
          3. Image formats
            1. GIF
            2. JPEG
            3. PNG
            4. SVG
        3. Including images in your content articles and modules
          1. Adding an image using the Joomla! Article Image button
          2. Adding an image using the Editor Image button
          3. Image placement using custom HTML code
        4. Creating image galleries and slideshows
          1. Image management extensions, and how to install them
            1. Image gallery extensions
              1. Simple Image Gallery
              2. Expose Flash Gallery
              3. Phoca Gallery with Slideshow
              4. Ozio Gallery2
              5. JoomGallery
            2. Image slideshows
              1. RokSlideshow
              2. Simple Image Rotator
              3. Boncko Cooliris (PicLens) Gallery Plugin
        5. Joomla! Template images
          1. How to adjust your template images
        6. Browser support and image accessibility
        7. Summary
      10. 5. Using Audio in Your Joomla! Website
        1. What is audio?
        2. Audio and the Internet
        3. Audio formats
          1. Audio compression
            1. Audio codecs
          2. Audio file format
          3. Bit rates
          4. How to compress and encode audio
        4. Embedding and displaying audio in Joomla! Articles
          1. The source
          2. The encoding
          3. The upload
            1. Via FTP
            2. Via the Media Manager
          4. Editors
          5. Creating the article
          6. The audio HTML code
            1. Direct download
            2. Streaming
            3. Embedding code
          7. Including audio using a Joomla! Plugin
        5. Creating an audio podcast for Joomla!
          1. What is a podcast?
            1. What is RSS?
          2. Joomla! and RSS
            1. FeedBurner
            2. Creating a new podcast feed
              1. Select and prepare your audio content
              2. Disable the WYSIWYG editor
              3. Create the category
              4. Create the article to display your audio
              5. Create the menu link and RSS feed
              6. How it all works
              7. FeedBurner
        6. Podcasting using extensions
          1. Third-party audio extensions
            1. Podcast Suite
            2. MP3 Browser
            3. Simple MP3 Player
            4. Jukebox
            5. 1 PixelOut Audio Player
            6. Zina
        7. Browser support and audio accessibility
          1. Good practice techniques
            1. Text transcripts
            2. Alternative content
            3. Captioning
            4. Link to downloads
            5. Audio controls
        8. Summary
      11. 6. Using Video in Your Joomla! Website
        1. Video on the Internet
          1. Bandwidth limitations
          2. Integration of video with other web content
          3. Authoring and playing video for the Web
        2. Video formats
          1. Video compression
            1. Video codec
          2. Bit rates
          3. Video containers
            1. AVI
            2. FLV
            3. MOV
            4. MPEG
            5. WMV
            6. RM
        3. Embedding and displaying video in your Joomla! web pages
          1. The source
          2. The encoding
          3. The upload
            1. Via FTP
            2. Via the Media Manager
          4. Editors
          5. Creating the article
          6. The video HTML code
            1. Direct download
            2. Streaming
            3. Embedding code
              1. Including a video using an article plugin
        4. Creating a video podcast
        5. Third-party video extensions
          1. AllVideos
          2. hwdVideoShare
          3. Simple Flash Video Player
          4. RokBox
          5. Shadowbox
        6. Browser support and video accessibility
          1. Good practice techniques
            1. Text transcripts
            2. Alternative content
            3. Captioning
            4. Video controls
        7. Summary
      12. 7. Collaborating with External Sources
        1. Flickr, YouTube, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, Google... the list goes on
        2. Using HTML code to include resources
        3. Using third-party extensions for external resources
          1. Joomla! and social networking integration
            1. Twitter Follow Me (M)
            2. AutoTweet NG (C, P)
            3. JTweet (M)
            4. Tweetboard (P)
            5. WebScribble jConnector (C,M,P)
            6. Facebook Fanbox Free (M)
            7. jwFacebook Comments (P)
          2. Joomla! and video channel integration
            1. easiertube (P)
            2. QTube (M, P)
            3. JMultimedia Suite (C, M, P)
          3. Joomla! and audio and radio channel integration
            1. LCPlayer - Radio / TV (M)
          4. Joomla! and photo integration
            1. UniversalPlayground - Flickr slideshow plug-in (P)
            2. Flickr + Highslide (M)
          5. Joomla! and weather integration
            1. Google Weather - Plugin (P, M)
            2. Z Weather (C,M,P)
            3. eWeather (C,M)
          6. Joomla! and news channel integration
            1. Google News (M)
          7. Other resources and how to integrate them with Joomla!
            1. Plugin GoogleMaps (P)
            2. Ajax Whois (C,M)
            3. SlideShare (P)
            4. Slick RSS (M)
            5. RokBox Plugin (P)
            6. Simple RSS Feed Reader (M)
        4. Summary
      13. 8. Joomla! Templates and Multimedia
        1. What is a Joomla! Template?
        2. Template components
        3. Scripting and multimedia
          1. Mellow template—Yootheme
          2. Infuse—RocketTheme
          3. JA Halite—Joomla Art
          4. Motion—Yootheme
        4. The mobile web
        5. Making your site mobile friendly
          1. Consider these adjustments
            1. Areas of importance
            2. Disabling images, CSS, and JavaScript
            3. Take an on-demand approach with your multimedia
            4. Load in custom stylesheets or templates for mobile devices
          2. Available extensions
            1. PDA-plugin for Joomla! 1.5 (P,T)
              1. Installation
            2. WAFL: Mobile Content Adaption (P,C,T,M)
              1. Installation
            3. Mobilebot for Joomla 1.5 (P)
              1. Installation
          3. Testing for the mobile web
            1. Disable your stylesheet
            2. Resize your browser
            3. Borrow a phone to test with
            4. Target your visitors, and what you want them to see
            5. Use an emulator
        6. Accessibility
          1. Accessible content
          2. Accessible template code
          3. Fonts, colors, and contrasts
        7. Summary
      14. 9. Joomla! Multimedia Project
        1. Overview
          1. Preliminary advice
          2. Getting started
          3. Local development
            1. Installing the MAMP package
            2. How to use MAMP
              1. Creating a local database
              2. Running more than one website locally
          4. Remote server development
        2. The site structure
          1. Things to consider when configuring from the start
            1. Global Configuration settings
              1. Site Settings
              2. Metadata Settings
              3. SEO Settings
              4. User Settings
              5. Media Settings
              6. Debug Settings
              7. Cache Settings
              8. Session Settings
              9. Mail Settings
            2. Content parameters
            3. Front page
            4. Sections and categories
              1. Sections
              2. Categories
          2. Choosing a template / theme for your site
        3. Multimedia features
          1. Text content
          2. Module positions
          3. Adjusting the menu
          4. Front page features
            1. The front page component
            2. Adding a module to display our latest news
          5. Adding the date and time
          6. Adding a search feature
          7. Adding images
            1. Adding an image gallery
              1. Image gallery using Phoca Gallery
              2. Image Gallery in articles, using BK-Thumb
              3. Multimedia display using RokBox
          8. Adding video features
            1. RokBox, here we go again!
            2. Video using hwdVideoShare
            3. Videos within articles using FlowPlayer
            4. Using the QTube extension to display YouTube videos
          9. Adding audio features
            1. MP3 Browser
            2. Simple MP3 Player
            3. RokBox for audio
            4. Adding podcasts
          10. Adding social profiling features
            1. Easy Twitter Status
            2. Twitter Follow Me
          11. Adding RSS features
          12. Adding map features
            1. Googlemaps Plugin
          13. Creating a custom error page
            1. Override system error page
            2. Override system error page styling
          14. Changing the site favicon
            1. Create the image
            2. Convert the image to an ICO format
            3. Replace the existing favicon
            4. Viewing the new favicon
        4. And the rest...
        5. Accessibility and validation
          1. Accessibility
          2. Online validators
            1. Wrapping up
        6. Summary
      15. A. Extension Types and How to Install Them
        1. Extension types
          1. Plugins
          2. Components
          3. Modules
          4. Templates
          5. Languages
        2. How to install
        3. How to uninstall