Chapter 15: Using the Site Search Components


Using the Search and Smart Search components

Setting up Smart Search

Adding search interfaces for your site visitors

Managing your indexed content

Reporting on site search activity

The Joomla! system comes with two search components: a basic keyword search and a more advanced indexed search system. The two systems are incompatible — you must select one or the other — and are suitable to different purposes. The basic Joomla! search is the more limited of the two, but is easier to set up. For smaller sites, it may be all you need. For larger sites, or for sites where you want to provide users with more search options, the Joomla! Smart Search is the way to go. Smart Search offers more complete indexing of your site and includes tools to manage your indexed content. Both search options have their own modules and menu items. To create an optimal search experience for your site visitors, you need to understand how these two search options work and how to configure them and present them to your visitors.

In this chapter I introduce the site search functionality and the two components that provide it. I also explain the differences between the two systems and how to implement them on your site for maximum effect.

Creating an Effective Site Search

If you own a large or complex site, then offering site search for your visitors is not an option; it's a necessity. Even smaller sites these days tend to offer a search function, ...

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