Chapter 23: Keeping Your Site Secure and Up to Date


Keeping your site secure

Keeping up with security notices

Managing site maintenance

Backing up and restoring your site

Upgrading a Joomla! installation

Site security and upgrade management are two critical issues for site owners and administrators. Keeping your site patched and up to date is the key to maintaining your site's integrity and protecting it against hackers. Unfortunately, instead of budgeting for ongoing maintenance of their sites, many site owners think that once it's built, the work is done. The truth, however, is quite the opposite: Like any complex software package, you need to periodically install updates and patches, both to enhance functionality and to plug holes in the site's security. Management of upgrades and patches can be time consuming, particularly for complex sites with numerous extensions. The investment of time and energy is worth it, however, as a compromised site can cause huge headaches for both the site's owners and users.

In this chapter I look at security best practices for Joomla! and provide advice and tips on how to set up your Joomla! site in a secure manner and thereafter keep it secure. I also cover the related topic of managing upgrades.

Implementing Security Best Practices

Creating and maintaining a secure website requires attention to a variety of issues. The process starts at server setup and continues throughout the life of the site. There is no such thing as a ...

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