Chapter 7. Employing Advanced Content Management Techniques


  • Using content display modules

  • Bringing external content into your site

  • Managing content from the front end

  • Syndicating your content

In previous chapters, I discuss the basics of Joomla! content management. In this chapter, I take a look at some of the more advanced techniques that help you create a richer content experience for your visitors and also look at the tools that enable you to set up alternative content management work flows.

The modules included with the default system provide numerous options for displaying content on your site. Additionally, functions like the Newsfeeds component, the Feed Display module, and the wrappers allow you to bring external content into your site. This chapter discusses how to integrate these options into your site and make them part of the content mix.

Joomla! also enables you to allow visitors to submit articles to your site and to create a workflow around content contributed from the front end. The system provides a number of tools to enable this functionality, thereby giving you another way to add interactivity to your site and build community with your users. This chapter examines front-end content management in depth.

Using Content Display Modules

The modules included with your Joomla! site provide a variety of options for displaying content on the pages of your site. Although a number of the modules only provide links to your articles, such as the Latest News or the Sections ...

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