Chapter 10. Working with the User Manager


  • Introducing the user manager

  • Understanding the Joomla! user hierarchy

  • Adding users to the system

  • Managing users

  • Creating user registration

  • Controlling access to content and functionalities

Effective command of user privileges and access controls is essential to the creation of a successful web site. Users are the lifeblood of any site and proper user management is needed to both inspire repeat visitors and to protect the integrity of the site. Joomla! provides several tools that enable user privileges and access; the most important of these tool is the User Manager.

In this chapter, I take a detailed look at the Joomla! User Manager and how it is used to create and manage the registered users on your Web site. I also examine the connection between the various Joomla! User Groups and the Access Level controls that are associated with the site's many content items, components, modules, and plugins.

Introducing the User Manager

The User Manager handles the creation and management of all registered users in the Joomla! system. The User Manager is located inside the Joomla! admin system. After you have logged in to the admin system, you can access the User Manager in two ways: either by clicking on the User Manager icon on the Control Panel or by selecting the User Manager option from the Site menu. Figure 10.1 shows the default User Manager in Joomla! 1.5.x.

Figure 10.1. The Joomla! 1.5.x User Manager interface, showing the default administrator ...

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