Chapter 2. Installation and Basic Configuration of Joomla! and VirtueMart

In the previous chapter, we were introduced to Joomla! and VirtueMart. It's now time to start building an online shop with Joomla! and VirtueMart. We assume that you have experienced Joomla! as a CMS. However, it will still be useful if we know the installation procedure of Joomla!. In this chapter, we are going to discuss Joomla! and VirtueMart installation, and the basic configuration of VirtueMart component. On completion of this chapter, you will be able to:

  • Describe the prerequisites for Joomla! and VirtueMart installation
  • Install Joomla!
  • Install and uninstall Joomla! components, plugins, and modules
  • Configure a Joomla! site
  • Install the VirtueMart component and modules

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