Chapter 15. Ten Top Joomla Template Sites

Templates are very important in Joomla. Joomla comes with a few built-in templates, but people rarely stick with those; instead, they download and install templates from the Internet. There may be a time when Joomla actually ships with a good assortment of templates, but until then, you're stuck with getting your templates from the Internet.

Chapter 9 covers templates and how to install them in Joomla, and this chapter takes a look at ten top template sites.

Not all the template sites are free. The free sites are the most popular, as you'd expect, but don't neglect the for-pay sites, which often have the most exciting and professional-looking templates.


If you're using Joomla 1.5, make sure that the template you're downloading is targeted to Joomla 1.5.


SiteGround (see Figure 15-1) offers many free Joomla templates and claims to be the largest Joomla templates site around. The site offers new releases every week, so check back often.

This site is for-pay for the most part (it offers a few free templates), but the templates it has are affordable — usually, about $50 for nonexclusive use. If you want a template that only you can use, the price can run about $850. (see Figure 15-2) also offers customization services and a free clip-art gallery.

Figure 15-1. SiteGround.

Figure 15-2.

Joomlashack ...

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