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Joomla! Social Networking with JomSocial

Book Description

Learn how to develop a high quality social network using JomSocial

  • Create and run your own social network with Joomla! and JomSocial

  • Creating content for the social network and integrating it with other Joomla! extensions

  • Community building and interactions

  • In Detail

    JomSocial is a social publishing platform for Joomla! content management system. It allows you to connect with friends, integrate videos, follow users' activity stream, share photos, create groups, and customize your brand.

    JomSocial is an out-of-the-box extension that enables a Joomla! website administrators to set up a social network with ease, and customize it to meet the needs of a site. By the end of the book, the reader will have built a good looking, fully functional social networking site using this hands-on guide.

    Social networks have become ubiquitous in the 21st Century and have changed the way we communicate. No longer used to simply keep in contact with friends, they are used by multimillion dollar businesses to promote new products, discuss the latest ideas, and receive customer feedback on a much more informal platform.

    This practical tutorial will guide the reader through the installation of JomSocial on a Joomla! platform, to configure it for complete integration with Joomla!, and help to walk through processes for integrating other key Joomla! plugins into JomSocial as applications for interaction in an online social networking environment. The guide wraps it all up by hooking up our JomSocial-enabled social network with Facebook and Twitter using identifiable Joomla! modules

    Learn how to develop a high quality social network using JomSocial

    Table of Contents

    1. Joomla! Social Networking with JomSocial
      1. Joomla! Social Networking with JomSocial
      2. Credits
      3. About the Authors
      4. About the Reviewer
      5. Preface
        1. What this book covers
        2. What you need for this book
        3. Who this book is for
        4. Conventions
        5. Reader feedback
        6. Customer support
          1. Errata
          2. Piracy
          3. Questions
      6. 1. Not Another Social Networking Site
        1. Overview of social networking
        2. Why create your own social network?
        3. Principles for setting up a social networking site
        4. An overview of JomSocial
          1. Building social networks with JomSocial
          2. Social Networks on JomSocial
        5. Let's get started: Joomla! Installation
          1. Setting up the localhost
          2. Installing XAMPP
          3. Downloading Joomla!
          4. Installing Joomla! on localhost
        6. Summary
      7. 2. JomSocial: Setup and Configuration
        1. Changing the Joomla! template
        2. Installing the JomSocial component, modules, and plugins
          1. JomSocial modules
          2. JomSocial plugins
          3. Integrator applications
        3. The JomSocial Administrative Panel
          1. Site
          2. Media
          3. Groups
          4. Layout
          5. Privacy
          6. Network
          7. Facebook Connect
          8. Remote storage
          9. Integrations
        4. Users
        5. Custom profiles
          1. Disabling fields that we do not want users to fill out during the registration process
          2. Modifying existing groups and fields
          3. Modifying field titles
          4. Creating a new group or field
        6. Groups
          1. Creating a new group category
          2. Deleting an existing group
          3. Editing an existing group
        7. Video categories
        8. Reportings
        9. User points
        10. Applications
          1. Modifying plugin parameters
        11. Linking to the social network
          1. Modifying an existing menu
        12. The social network
        13. Summary
      8. 3. Remote Installation and Managing User Profiles
        1. Migrating the site from a local to remote server
          1. Backing up the local site using Akeeba Backup
          2. Creating a live website from the backup
        2. Signing up for an account
        3. Managing an account
          1. Editing the user profile
          2. Changing the profile picture
          3. Setting profile privacy settings
          4. Customizing our activities with applications
        4. Deleting a profile
        5. Summary
      9. 4. Making Connections with Users and Friends
        1. Creating test users
        2. Making connections
        3. Messaging writing and checking mails
        4. Inviting others to join the network
          1. Administrator settings
          2. Inviting others to our network
        5. Summary
      10. 5. Creating Content and Sharing Activities
        1. Installing SOBI2
        2. Listing apps
        3. Reviewing apps
        4. Displaying listings in profiles
        5. Multimedia
          1. Videos
        6. Summary
      11. 6. Community Building and Interaction
        1. Creating communities or groups
          1. Showing your groups under your profile
        2. Building and managing our community
          1. Advertising communities
          2. Changing a community avatar
          3. Creating group content
          4. Attracting community members
          5. Moderating communities
          6. Promoting the network
          7. Reporting group activities to the administrator
          8. Leaving the community
          9. Removing group content
        3. Summary
      12. 7. Customizing the JomSocial Template
        1. Duplicating the JomSocial template
        2. Changing the avatars for individuals and groups
        3. Changing the background color of the template
        4. Modifying the JomSocial main page
          1. Identifying the code
          2. Left column
            1. Get connected
              1. Removing a bullet
              2. Modifying the code
              3. Adding a bullet point
              4. The Join button
            2. Right-hand column
            3. Creating a new menu link in the JomSocial toolbar
        5. Summary
      13. 8. Tips and Tricks
        1. Using the JomSocial profile's positions
        2. Integrating other social networks
          1. Setting up Facebook
          2. Setting up Twitter
            1. Setting up Twitter as an application for ALL of our users
            2. Setting up Twitter to share information about the site
        3. Adding other items to the HelloMe module
        4. Moving installed apps to above the activity stream
        5. Joomla! SEF
        6. Changing the messages
        7. Video and photo upload sizes
        8. Summary
      14. 9. Other Joomla! Social Networking Extensions
        1. Community Builder
          1. Making connections and integrating with others
          2. Directory/Review feature
          3. Messaging feature
            1. Changing the tab names
          4. Adding multimedia
          5. Community Builder groups and communities
          6. Integrating Twitter and Facebook
          7. Changing the layout (tips and tricks)
        2. JSocialSuite
        3. Other social networking components
          1. CBE for Joomla!
          2. Linksutra social networking
          3. Odude Profile
          4. Tuiyo (aka Joomunity)
        4. Summary