9. Joomla! Plug-ins Explained

Plug-ins are tiny but useful additions to your site. Each plug-in does one simple thing. For example, one plug-in allows your visitors to vote on articles you’ve written. Another plug-in stops any e-mail address on the site from being collected by spammers.

Things You Can Do After Reading This Chapter

• Understand plug-ins

• Enable and use plug-ins

The Plug-in Manager

Plug-ins are the easiest thing we’re going to do in this book! Why? Because at the beginner level you don’t need to do much more than understand them and use them. Most of them are so simple that they just need to be turned on or off.

Go to Extensions, Plug-in Manager, and you see a page like the one shown in Figure 9.1.

Figure 9.1 The Plug-in Manager ...

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