14. Joomla! Users Explained

During the first 13 chapters of this book you learned everything that is essential to know about Joomla.

For example, it would be difficult to use Joomla if you didn’t understand how to organize, add, and show content (Chapter 4, “Joomla Content Explained”). It would also be difficult to use Joomla if you didn’t know the purpose of components (Chapter 7, “Joomla Components Explained”), modules (Chapter 8, “Joomla Modules Explained”), plug-ins (Chapter 9, “Joomla Plug-ins Explained”), or templates (Chapter 10, “Joomla Templates Explained”). You’d also be stuck if you didn’t know how to add extra features to your site (Chapter 11, “Adding Joomla Extensions Explained”) or how to put all these pieces together to build ...

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