Joomla!™ 1.6: A User’s Guide: Building a Successful Joomla! Powered Website, Third Edition

Book Description

The Best Easy-to-Use Guide to Joomla!TM--The World's #1 Open Source Content Management System

If you want to build sophisticated websites that can be easily edited and updated, you need to master Joomla. Now there's an easy-to-read, easy-to-use guide to Joomla for every site manager, administrator, and developer. Leading Joomla consultant Barrie North covers all you need to get results: installation, administration, site organization, template development, content updates, and a whole lot more. You'll find tips, tricks, and troubleshooting solutions, as well as three start-to-finish case studies.

New to Joomla? No problem! This book starts with the simplest design and system concepts and builds your expertise step-by-step. You'll rapidly master Joomla's power, even if you have no content management, scripting, or CSS expertise. Experienced with Joomla? You'll turn to this book constantly for its authoritative, plain-English, example-rich Joomla 1.6 reference content.

* Understand content management, what Joomla does, and how its components fit together

* Build Joomla sites from scratch and systematically customize them to your needs

* Create modern pure css Joomla 1.6 templates using popular gird frameworks

* Use Joomla 1.6's nested categories to organize content and articles

* Create dynamic pages and effective navigation

* Work with Joomla modules and components

* Learn how to optimize your Joomla sites for search engines

* Follow three start-to-finish case studies: building a school website, a small business site, and a blog

* Identify the most valuable Joomla extensions and add-ons: find them and use them

Product Information

  • Title: Joomla!™ 1.6: A User’s Guide: Building a Successful Joomla! Powered Website, Third Edition
  • Author(s): Barrie M. North
  • Release date: February 2011
  • Publisher(s): Prentice Hall
  • ISBN: 9780132488013