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jQuery Plugin Development in 30 Minutes

Book Description

As an expert jQuery plugin developer and the operator of a website devoted to jQuery education, author Robert Duchnik has had many opportunities to talk with other developers and understand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to learning how to build plugins. This short book is intended to quickly get you up to speed with core concepts, which enable you to start building plugins of your own.

Experienced developers know that well-written jQuery plugins can reduce bugs, increase efficiency, improve collaboration, and save time. In "jQuery Plugin Development in 30 Minutes", Duchnik will show you how to write clean and efficient jQuery plugins that are easy to maintain and collaborate on. While jQuery Plugin Development in 30 Minutes is intended for people who already have some experience with JavaScript and jQuery, most of the concepts in the guide will appeal to the novice developer, and will not require any advanced knowledge. Topics include:

Creating a plugin Prototyping Generate, Init, and Destroy Handling events Plugin options Setters and Getters Styling, CSS, and themes Callbacks Browser and mobile support File organization and versioning* Boilerplate

"jQuery Plugin Development in 30 Minutes" also comes with bonus content, including sections on jQuery methods, utilities, selectors, and events, as well as a jQuery glossary.