jQuery UI Development

Video Description

Tips and tricks to master the jQuery UI library and set up your own custom widgets and cool components

About This Video

  • Utilize jQuery UI to its full potential

  • Create your own interactions and widgets

  • Understand how to skin jQuery UI elements and themes quickly

  • In Detail

    jQuery UI is a trusted suite of official plug-ins for the jQuery JavaScript library, which gives you a solid platform on which to build rich and engaging interfaces with maximum compatibility and stability, and minimum time and effort.

    jQuery UI training is made easy in this video, with step-by-step examples, useful tips, and quick tricks. This course breaks down complex tasks into bite-sized chunks, making it the best resource for you to use if you want to start using jQuery UI. Learn how to save hundreds of hours in development using jQuery UI's awesome components.

    Even in the HTML 5 world of today, there are many oft used components and functionalities that still aren't part of a browser out of the box; this library is the critical solution, which will save you hundreds of hours while building highly sophisticated components for your applications. We'll cover the basics, and then build our first component – the datePicker - and we'll customize its characteristics. We'll discuss the ThemeRoller application for quickly skinning components, and the dialog component in all its detail. You'll also learn how to discover component features on your own, how to listen in on variables and changes, as well as how to trigger and listen to events. We'll then kick it up a notch with jQuery UI's drag-and-drop capabilities and build a working example that uses all of these features. We'll use components effectively, examine event properties in detail, and even clean up our code to make it more presentable. We'll wrap up by demonstrating as many of jQuery UI's essential and popular components as we can, followed by a brief course recap and summary.

    Table of Contents

    1. Chapter 1: Getting Started with jQuery UI
      1. Getting Started with jQuery UI 00:01:05
      2. An Overview of jQuery 00:05:08
      3. An Overview of jQuery UI 00:04:56
      4. Working with jQuery Locally or through a CDN 00:04:11
      5. Choosing Our Delivery Options in jQuery UI 00:03:19
      6. Creating Our First Page Using jQuery UI Widgets 00:05:01
      7. What Tools Am I Using? 00:01:28
    2. Chapter 2: Working with the CSS Framework
      1. All about CSS 00:01:18
      2. Adding Our Second Widget 00:04:12
      3. Switching Styles in jQuery UI 00:03:00
      4. The Library Minification Functionality 00:04:27
      5. Optimizing Your Project 00:02:55
      6. Themes - Under the Hood 00:03:58
      7. Creating Your Own Themes Using ThemeRoller 00:02:13
    3. Chapter 3: Working with Widgets
      1. Setting up Expectations 00:01:21
      2. Creating a Dialog Widget 00:06:18
      3. Options, Methods, and Events 00:02:44
      4. Working with Widget Options 00:04:49
      5. Changing a Dialog's Title 00:02:10
      6. Discovering the Widget's Methods 00:05:33
      7. Adding Interactivity with Callbacks 00:05:04
    4. Chapter 4: Adding Interaction
      1. Setting up Expectations 00:00:59
      2. Integrating Events into Widgets 00:04:41
      3. Updating the Site When a Widget is Dropped 00:02:33
      4. Being More Efficient with Events 00:04:33
      5. Digging into Event Properties: the ui Property 00:02:17
      6. Exploring the Event Object 00:04:39
      7. Cleaning up Our Project 00:01:44
    5. Chapter 5: More about Widgets
      1. Setting up Expectations 00:01:12
      2. jQuery UI Tooltip 00:03:01
      3. jQuery UI Spinner 00:03:07
      4. jQuery UI Menu 00:03:31
      5. jQuery UI Slider 00:08:15
      6. jQuery UI Accordion 00:03:20
      7. jQuery UI Tabs 00:04:50
    6. Chapter 6: Course Recap
      1. Course Recap 00:01:53

    Product Information

    • Title: jQuery UI Development
    • Author(s): Ben Fhala
    • Release date: October 2013
    • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
    • ISBN: 9781782162964