Overview of jQuery UI

For an overview of jQuery UI, open the index.html file in a browser (Figure 1-1).

jQuery UI home page

Figure 1-1. jQuery UI home page

In this file, you can see the different features that jQuery UI adds (Figure 1-2), including the following:

  • Accordion menus

  • Autocompletion mechanism for input fields

  • Buttons and checkboxes of the nicest aspects

  • A tabs mechanism to facilitate the display in the page

  • Dialog boxes that are superimposed on top of the page

  • Custom icons

  • Sliders

  • Calendars

  • Progress bars

jQuery UI home page: list of components

Figure 1-2. jQuery UI home page: list of components

These are all possibilities that we will discuss later in the book. We will also consider other mechanisms such as drag-and-drop, new visual effects, CSS theme files, and more.

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