Working with files

To work with files, we need the IOStream type. IOStream is a type with the IO supertype and has the following characteristics:

  • The fields are given by fieldnames(IOStream):
(:handle, :ios, :name, :mark)  
  • The types are given by IOStream.types:
(Ptr{Nothing}, Array{UInt8,1}, AbstractString, Int64)

The file handle is a pointer of the Ptr type, which is a reference to the file object.

Opening and reading a line-oriented file with the example.dat name is very easy:

// code in Chapter 8\io.jl 
fname = "example.dat"
f1 = open(fname) 

fname is a string that contains the path to the file, using the escaping of special characters with \ when necessary. For example, in Windows, when the file is in the test folder on the D: drive, ...

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