Type unions

In geometry, a two-dimensional point and a vector are not the same, even if they both have an x and y component. In Julia, we can also define them as different types, as follows:

# see the code in Chapter 6\unions.jlmutable struct Point    x::Float64    y::Float64endmutable struct Vector2D    x::Float64    y::Float64end

Here are the two objects:

  • p = Point(2, 5) that returns Point(2.0, 5.0)

  • v = Vector2D(3, 2) that returns Vector2D(3.0, 2.0)

Suppose we want to define the sum for these types as a point which has coordinates as the sum of the corresponding coordinates:

+(p, v)

This results in an ERROR: MethodError: `+` has no method matching +(::Point, ::Vector2D) error message.

To define a + method here, first do an import Base.+

Even ...

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