Chapter 6CoffeeScript and HTML5 FX

You sit at the local café like a Zen master. Part of your team has abandoned the project; the remaining members squabble with each other, unconvinced that a fully working game can be hewn from the prototype you’ve produced thus far. You, however, are free from doubt. The path before you illuminates itself, bathed in a sea of elegant CoffeeScript: scrolling platforms, sound effects, animations, particle effects, game screens, and dialogs. CoffeeScript has become the path of least resistance between your brain and Professor Digman-Rünner.

HTML-ifying things

Day 1 of the “7-day HTML5 Game Jam-a-Thon Challenge (TM)” seems like a happy, hazy memory. You’ve changed a lot since those simpler times, and you know now ...

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