© Dmitry Anoshin, Dmitry Shirokov, Donna Strok 2020
Dmitry Anoshin, Dmitry Shirokov and Donna StrokJumpstart Snowflakehttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-5328-1_1

1. Getting Started with Cloud Analytics

Dmitry Anoshin, Dmitry Shirokov2 and Donna Strok3
British Columbia, Canada
Burnaby, BC, Canada
Seattle, WA, USA
“Don’t shoot for the middle. Dare to think big. Disrupt. Revolutionize. Don’t be afraid to form a sweeping dream that inspires, not only others, but yourself as well. Incremental innovation will not lead to real change—it only improves something slightly. Look for breakthrough innovations, change that will make a difference.”—Leonard Brody and David Raffa
Cloud technologies can change the way organizations do analytics. The cloud ...

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