Configuring SNMP

To configure SNMP, you include statements at the [edit snmp] hierarchy level of the configuration:

snmp {
  community community-name {
    authorization authorization;
    clients {
      address restrict;
    view view-name;
  contact contact;
  description description;
  interface [interface-name];
  location location;
  traceoptions {
    file files number size size;
    flag flag;
  trap-group group-name {
    categories category;
    targets {
    version version;
  trap-options {
    agent-address outgoing-interface;
    source-address address;
  view view-name;
    oid object-identifier (include | exclude);

By default, SNMP is disabled.

To configure the minimum requirements for SNMP, include the following statements. The community defined here as public grants ...

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