Configuring MPLS-Signaled LSPs

For more information about LDP-signaled LSPs, see “LDP,” on page 594.

To configure MPLS-signaled LSPs, create an LSP that runs from the ingress router to the egress router. To create the LSP, configure only the ingress router; you do not have to configure any other routers. You can configure the LSP so that the JUNOS software makes all forwarding decisions, or you can configure some or all routers in the path. The LSP is set up by RSVP, through RSVP signaling messages. The JUNOS software automatically negotiates, assigns, releases, and reuses labels. Automatically assigned labels have a value from 1,024 through 1,048,575.

Configuring the Ingress Router for MPLS-Signaled LSPs

To configure signaled LSPs, you first ...

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