JUNOS OS event policy

The steps are as follows:

  1. On the JUNOS host, configure an event handling policy that should be run in response to the configuration commit completions and specify an archive repository for uploading files. Use the execute-commands mechanism to run a series of JUNOS OS commands in response to the event:
      adamc@router> show configuration event-options       policy CONFIG-DIFF {          events ui_commit_completed;          then {              execute-commands {                  commands {                      "show configuration | match Last\ commit:";                      "show configuration | compare rollback 1";                  }                  output-filename commit;                  destination NMS;                  output-format text;              }          }      }      
  1. Repeat this step for any and all JUNOS devices that you want to monitor in this manner.
  1. Optionally, make some test commit operations ...

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