Chapter 7. Setting Up the Routers

In this chapter, we cover basic setup tasks to get the router working on your network. (If you haven't configured your router, see Chapter 6.) We show you how to provide access for the different people who will need to log in to the router, set the proper time on the router, and enable the router to track events that occur on it. We also explore configuring the network cards that are installed in the router.

Creating a Banner at Login

When you log in to the router, you're immediately placed into the CLI and can start working. The prompt shows the username you used to log in and the name of the router:


Because the router is a shared device on the network, you may want to send a message to all the router users who log in. One way is to display a message on the screen each time someone logs in. The banner containing the message is displayed before or after the login prompt, depending on which command you use.

After entering configuration mode, the banner command set system login message places your message before the login prompt. The \n puts one blank line (a new line) after the text and before the login prompt:

fred@junos-router# set system login message "JUNOS router
                  managed by Corporate Network team\n"

The following banner appears each time someone logs in to the router:

fred@server# ssh junos-router
JUNOS router managed by Corporate Network team

junos-router (ttyp0)


If your company has legal requirements in place to ...

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