Chapter 21. The Ten Most Used Categories of JUNOS Commands

You'll likely use a few commands in JUNOS repeatedly while administering your network. In this chapter, we list the top ten categories of usage and some of the more useful commands within each type of administration.

Show Me the JUNOS Software Running in the Device

show version: Lists which version of JUNOS software is running on your device. It also shows the hostname of the device and the Juniper model number. Use: Checks which version of JUNOS software is running on the device. Check that all components of JUNOS software are at same version level.

show version detail: Also shows the version of all JUNOS processes running on the device. Use: Checks that all JUNOS software process are at same version level.

Show Me Something about the Device

show chassis hardware: Displays hardware inventory of device and components installed in the device. Shows version, Juniper part number, serial number, and description of each component. Use: Perform hardware inventory to track components in your possession and to provide information to support if a component fails.

show chassis hardware detail: Also shows version, part number, and serial number for all memory installed on device components. Use: Inventory memory components.

Show Me and Confirm My Configuration

configure: Enters configuration mode. Use: Modify the configuration running on the router, switch, or other device.

show configuration: Displays the configuration currently running (active) ...

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