Jumpstart Instructions

First-time users most typically access the Junos OS running on their device in one of two ways:

  • Over a network: Someone else installed the device and can provide you with the hostname as well as the username and password assigned to you. The device may be on a separate subnet behind a gateway device that protects unauthorized access to it, in which case, you will also need the login credentials of the gateway server.
  • In direct connection: You are directly connected to the device through the console or a management port using a null-modem or rollover cable. The first time you log in to a device that has never been configured, you will be logging in as the root user, and you will not need a password. The root user is a super-administrator who can perform any operation, from benign checks such as looking at the status of the device to disruptive operations such as changing the configuration and rebooting the device.

Junos in the Cloud

Junosphere is a cloud-based environment where users can configure and connect virtual devices that are running Junos to support training, network modeling, and other lab activities. The Junosphere services from Juniper Networks enable realistic, large-scale virtual networks, including a means to interoperate the virtual network with physical network elements. Additionally, users can incorporate Junos Space (see Chapter 1), the Junos and Junos Space SDKs (see Chapter 1), virtualized testing equipment and other lab elements into ...

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