Just the Job!

Book description

‘I recommend candidates to follow John’s advice in this book - and when they do, I find they’re far better prepared for the job market.’ Joëlle Warren, Executive Chairman, Warren Partners Executive Search


If you’re looking for the perfect job then you’re in safe hands with John Lees - he knows exactly what works and what doesn’t. In this clever book he reveals the true secrets of job hunting so you can track down and secure a job you’ll love – quickly and confidently.


Just the Job! will help you:

·    Plan an effective job hunt

·    Discover a unique and effortless approach to successful networking

·    Find those hidden dream jobs that are never advertised

·    Catalogue your unique strengths and write a killer CV

·    Use the power of social media to connect with influential people

·    Understand what really motivates employers and recruitment agents


Just the Job! offers you an original and highly effective way to approach your search. You’ll shave weeks off your hunt and significantly increase your odds of landing that perfect job.


Product information

  • Title: Just the Job!
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: June 2013
  • Publisher(s): Pearson International
  • ISBN: 9780273772484