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Justice in Life and Society

Book Description

If somebody asked you whether life was fair, how would you respond? In this book, learn how to critically think about this question of justice in our lives. You will learn that people mean many different things when they talk of a just or fair outcome. For instance, have you gotten what you deserve? Have you been listened to and treated with respect? Have your rights been protected? Have you been unfairly privileged? Were you sufficiently rewarded for your contributions? Did you receive unjust punishment if you broke the law? These are tremendously important topics to consider in the contentious times in which we live. In this book, you will be given new ways of thinking about these critical justice debates. In addition to getting up to speed on the research and literature in the area, you will have a chance to apply what you learn by analyzing topics like the right to free universal health care or the morality of the death penalty. This book is a tremendous resource for faculty teaching traditional or online classes on the topic of social justice, as well as for those general readers who are simply interested in learning more about the topic.