Kafka Fundamentals

Video Description

Master Kafka in this video series, which combines lecture and hands-on through eight essential topics:

  • Kafka Explanation. This first clip in the Kafka video introduces this distributed streaming platform. Learn about Producers, Consumers, and Message Brokers, and why Kafka is so useful and powerful.
  • Kafka Terminology. This second clip in the Kafka video series explains key Kafka concepts including Clusters, Brokers, Topics, Partitions, Producers, Consumers, Offsets, Zookeepers, and Consumer Groups.
  • Kafka Case Study. This third clip in the Kafka video series illustrates Kafka through a convenience store case study.
  • Kafka Robustness. This fourth clip in the Kafka video series explores why Kafka is so robust and covers the topics of scalability, fault tolerance, and replication. Learn how Kafka leverages partitions and clusters, and understand the benefits of a distributed system.
  • Kafka Installation and Basic Functionality. This fifth clip in the Kafka video shows you how to set up the entire Kafka environment. Also create Brokers and Producers, and send a few Messages using Kafka.
  • Kafka Manager. This six clip in the Kafka video shows you how to leverage Kafka Manager to create, edit, and delete Brokers, Clusters, and Topics.
  • Kafka Node Administration. This seven clip in the Kafka video explains advanced node functionality in Kafka, including how to set up a Muli-Node Kafka Cluster on a single computer and also across machines. You can use an account for node administration in Amazon AWS or Google Cloud.
  • Kafka Cluster Administration. This eighth clip in the Kafka video explains advanced functionality around clusters. This clip also summarizes everything you’ve learned in this Kafka video series.

Table of Contents

  1. Kafka Explanation 00:08:40
  2. Kafka Terminology 00:04:53
  3. Kafka Case Study 00:02:34
  4. Kafka Robustness 00:03:41
  5. Kafka Installation and Basic Functionality 00:20:52
  6. Kafka Manager 00:17:20
  7. Kafka Node Administration 00:36:52
  8. Kafka Cluster Administration 00:07:42

Product Information

  • Title: Kafka Fundamentals
  • Author(s): Advait Jayant
  • Release date: March 2019
  • Publisher(s): Technics Publications
  • ISBN: 9781634625050