Exploitation guides

The following are the exploitation guides for the scenarios created in this chapter. These are guidelines, and there are more ways to exploit the vulnerabilities.

Scenario 1 – rescue the WEP key

The brief provided for this exploitation guide is assumed to be: Crack the WEP network and recover the WEP key. Perform the following steps:

  1. This is reasonably straightforward. First, we need to record traffic in the area. We use airodump-ng to do this with the following command line:
    Airodump-ng <interface> -w <output prefix> --bssid <MAC> -c <channel> --ivs
    • <Interface> is the active interface to record on.
    • <output prefix> is what the output will be called.
    • <MAC> is the Mac address of the router you wish to target.
    • <channel> is the channel ...

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