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Kali Linux: Tips, Tricks and Techniques

Video Description

Proven approaches to secure your system by performing Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing with Kali Linux

About This Video

  • Debug website code in order to view setup functions and determine the website development platform.
  • Secure your Kali Linux OS by using VPNs and proxy services and even set up a custom secured email address you can use.
  • Master scanning techniques used by hackers to perform proper recon work, and then carry out an attack on your target.

In Detail

Discover the methods used by famous hackers on Kali Linux to execute different commands for hacking your target while keeping your information secure and private.

You will start this course off by implementing tips for securing and protecting Kali Linux via VPN services, and for setting custom proxy configurations. Then, you will set up a password dictionary, learn to lock onto your target, and perform reconnaissance. Next you will focus on discovering new methods to speed up your Kali Linux machine from hardware upgrades to software configurations. Moving on, you will patch up any security flaws you may have lurking on your Kali machine. And finally you will carry out a full-scale attack from recon work to cracking passwords and gaining access to your target.

By the end of this course, you will have enhanced your hacking abilities with new methods and techniques you can utilize to perform proper ethical hacking.

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