CHAPTER 1Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Chapter 1 provides an overview of some of the hot trends in the industry around Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. We will see how the world is being transformed through digitization, leading to the Big Data phenomenon—both in the consumer and industrial spaces. We see data volumes increasing exponentially, from terabytes to exabytes to zettabytes. We see the processing power of computers increase in magnitudes of tens and hundreds. We will talk about software getting smarter with the application of Artificial Intelligence—whether it's IBM's Watson beating human champions at Jeopardy! or Facebook automatically tagging friends in your photos, or even Google's self‐driving car. Finally, the chapter discusses the types of analytics and covers a simple example of building a system driven by analytics to deliver outcomes.

Data Is the New Oil and AI Is the New Electricity

We are living in the Internet age. Shopping on Amazon to booking cabs through Uber to binge‐watching TV shows on Netflix—all these outcomes are enabled by the Internet. These outcomes involve huge volumes of data being constantly uploaded and downloaded from our computing devices to remote servers in the Cloud. The computing devices themselves are no longer restricted to personal computers, laptops, and mobile phones. Today, we have many more smart devices or “things” connected to the Internet, like TVs, air conditioners, washing machines, and more every day. These ...

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