Chapter 7

Spreading the Word: Reporting and Communicating KPIs Effectively

In This Chapter

arrow Making sure the people who need the information get the information

arrow Displaying the KPIs for maximum impact and understanding

arrow Creating performance dashboards

Creating the right culture, organising your KPIs, developing the right set of KPIs for your business and extracting meaningful insights from the data won’t count for anything unless your organization reports and communicates the KPIs to others effectively.

Often the focus on KPIs can concentrate on data collection and creating reports rather than really communicating the findings to the right people.

KPIs are rarely reported and communicated in a way that gives people enough information and puts it in context. The resulting ambiguity and confusion creates doubt which makes decision-making and learning almost impossible.

According to a global research study conducted by the Advanced Performance Institute, of which I am the founder, the most popular format for communicating performance information is with tables and spreadsheets, complemented by graphs and charts. The second most popular was purely numeric without the graphs and charts. ...

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