Prerequisites for installing Kibana 4.1.1

The following pieces of software need to be installed before installing Kibana 4.1.1:

  • Java 1.8u20+
  • Elasticsearch v1.4.4+
  • A modern web browser—IE 10+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and so on

The installation process will be covered separately for Windows and Ubuntu so that both types of users are able to understand the process of installation easily.

Installation of Java

In this section, JDK needs to be installed so as to access Elasticsearch. Oracle Java 8 (update 20 onwards) will be installed as it is the recommended version for Elasticsearch from version 1.4.4 onwards.

Installation of Java on Ubuntu 14.04

Install Java 8 using the terminal and the apt package in the following manner:

  1. Add the Oracle Java Personal Package ...

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