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Kicking the Property Ladder: Why buying a house makes less sense than renting - and how to invest the money you save in shares, gold, stamps and more

Book Description

Is property investment all it is cracked up to be? Buying a house has become a byword for financial security; renting is dismissed as a lacklustre alternative to a mortgage and the bounties of ever-rising property prices. But what if it's not true? What if renting represents far better value for money - and the best financial decision you could ever make is NOT buying your own house? Did you know that half of all people living in poverty in Britain today are home-owners? In this compelling and witty exploration of home ownership in 21st century Britain, author and entrepreneur Robin Bennett reveals the startling truths behind the modern property myth beloved of certain newspapers and estate agents - and why far from guaranteeing profit, buying a house might be an unnecessary drain on your financial wellbeing. He then shows what you should do with your money instead - exploring firsthand how to secure your future with effective investment in stocks and shares, gold, stamps and more. Jargon-free, hilarious and wise, 'Kicking the Property Ladder' is a must-read for anyone despairing of ever getting their own house, wondering what it might mean to rent instead, or puzzled by the impossible promises of an ever-expanding price bubble.