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Killer Photos with your iPhone®

Book Description

Killer Photos with Your iPhone shows you how to take fantastic pictures using the camera built right into your iPhone. Because of its portability and unique capabilities, the iPhone camera is now one of the most popular digital cameras on the market, and this book shows you how to do everything from taking simple pictures to using apps to snap and create innovative images. You'll find information on the basics of shooting with an iPhone, including how to aim, compose, and focus your shots, as well as shooting within an app platform, and even post-processing. Many of the most popular photography apps are covered, and explained option-by-option with full-color images that allow you to see the progression of the app all at once instead of step-by-step. Covering both the 3G and 3GS iPhone models, this book will have you shooting, editing, and sharing killer photos in no time!

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. About the Authors
  4. Introduction
  5. 1. iPhone Overview
    1. Locking and Turning On/Off
    2. iPhone Camera Parts
    3. iPhone Photo Resolutions
    4. iPhone Camera Specs and Settings
    5. Changing Image Sizes
    6. Transferring Photos
    7. Synching Your Phone
    8. Getting or Buying Apps
  6. 2. Using the iPhone Camera
    1. Taking a Picture
    2. Viewing Photos
    3. iPhone 3G Fixed Focus
    4. iPhone 3GS Tap Focus
    5. iPhone Macro
    6. Holding the Camera for a Sharp Shot
    7. Working without a Zoom Lens
  7. 3. Better Photos on an iPhone
    1. Lighting for Sharp Photos
    2. Closing In on Objects
    3. Adding Bright Colors to the Frame
    4. Using the Rule of Thirds to Frame Photos
    5. Trying a Worm’s-Eye View
  8. 4. Portraits
    1. Ready for Your Close-Up?
    2. Have Your Subject Do Something
    3. Shooting a Person inside a Vehicle
    4. Simplifying Your Background
    5. Positioning Your Subject
    6. Creating Interesting Backgrounds
    7. Positioning Groups of Two and Three
    8. Having Subjects Interact
    9. Shooting at an Angle
    10. Photographing Body Parts
  9. 5. Photographing Places and Things
    1. Working with Flowers
    2. Photographing Architecture
    3. Photographing Landscapes
    4. Photography as Art
    5. Street Photography
  10. 6. Working with Different Types of Light
    1. Reflective Light
    2. Direct and Indirect Light
    3. Night Photography
  11. 7. All About Applications
    1. Downloading and Installing Apps from Your iPhone
    2. The Photography Section of the iPhone App Store on Your iPhone
      1. Apps to Help You Take Photographs
        1. ProCamera
        2. Camera Genius
  12. 8. Resizing, Cropping, Framing, and Printing Photos
    1. Resizing on the iPhone
    2. Cropping and Rotating on the iPhone
      1. Cropping in Photogene
      2. Cropping with Scissors
      3. Cropping with PhotoForge
      4. Cropping with Photoshop Mobile
    3. Printing Photos
    4. Framing Photos
      1. Photogene Borders
      2. Photoshop Mobile Borders
      3. Fun with Imikimi Frames
  13. 9. Post-Processing Apps: Tweaking Photos after the Fact in PS Mobile, Brushes, and CameraBag
    1. Free and Easy PS Mobile
      1. Crop Icon
      2. Gradient Icon
      3. Palm Tree Icon
      4. Border Icon
    2. Paint Your Way to Fame with Brushes
      1. Layers
      2. Paintbrush (and Eraser)
      3. Eyedropper
      4. Color Picker
    3. CameraBag Belts Out the Filters
  14. 10. Post-Processing Apps: Tweaking Photos after the Fact in PhotoForge, ColorSplash, FX Photo Studio, and Photo fx
    1. PhotoForge
    2. ColorSplash
      1. Menu Icon (Horizontal Lines)
      2. Help Icon (Question Mark)
      3. Color View Mode Icon
      4. Red View Mode Icon
      5. Brush Icon
      6. Pan & Zoom Icon
      7. Color Icon
      8. Gray Icon
    3. FX Photo Studio
    4. Photo fx
      1. Tweaking with Two Filters
  15. 11. Sharing Your Killer Photos
    1. Sharing via Apps
    2. Sharing on Flickr
    3. Sharing Using Photobucket