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Kindle Fire HDX For Dummies

Book Description

Spark your interest in Kindle Fire HDX and start burning through books, movies, music, and more with this bestselling guide!

The Kindle Fire HDX is Amazon's premiere tablet. With its new, more powerful Android operating system, this latest version has some exciting bells and whistles along with the features that have made the Fire a tablet fan favorite: access to the amazing Amazon Appstore, online music storage, a large music and video store, a huge e-book library, and easy one-step ordering from Amazon. This full-color, For Dummies guide shows you how to take advantage of all the Kindle Fire's functionality including browsing the web, sharing photos, watching videos, playing games, downloading apps, reading newspapers and magazines, and personalizing the device for your needs.

  • Covers the Kindle Fire HDX and Kindle Fire HD tablets

  • Walks you through getting connected, navigating the touchscreen interface, working with Kindle Fire's built-in apps, using Amazon Cloud, and getting help from the Mayday feature

  • Helps you stay in touch with social media, e-mail, and Skype and find what you're looking for online with Amazon's Silk web browser

  • Shows you how to stay entertained with the latest apps, movies, TV shows, music, games, e-books, and other cool content for your Kindle Fire HDX or Kindle Fire HD

  • Blaze through Kindle Fire HDX For Dummies and start taking advantage of the hottest tablet in town today!

    Table of Contents

      1. Introduction
        1. About This Book
        2. Foolish Assumptions
        3. Icons Used in This Book
        4. Beyond the Book
        5. Where to Go from Here
      2. Part I: Getting Started with Kindle Fire HDX
        1. Chapter 1: Overview of the Kindle Fire HDX
          1. What's New in Kindle Fire HDX
          2. A Quick Rundown of Kindle Fire HDX Hardware Features
          3. Key Features of Kindle Fire HDX
            1. Storage on Earth and in the Cloud
            2. App appeal
            3. Pre-installed functionality
            4. The magic of Whispersync
            5. You want content — Amazon's got it
            6. Browsing with Amazon Silk
            7. A world of color on the display
            8. Understanding the value of Amazon Prime
        2. Chapter 2: Kindle Fire HDX Quickstart
          1. Get Going with Kindle Fire HDX
          2. Getting to Know the Interface
            1. Accessing Kindle Fire HDX libraries
            2. Playing with the Carousel
            3. Getting on the grid
            4. Getting clues from the Status bar
            5. The often-present, ever-changing Options bar
            6. The Navigation panel
          3. Using a Micro USB Cable to Transfer Data
        3. Chapter 3: Kindle Fire HDX Settings
          1. Opening Quick Settings
            1. Controlling spin with Auto-Rotate
            2. Turning up the Brightness
            3. Flying high with Airplane Mode
            4. Relaxing with Quiet Time
            5. Sending out a Mayday
          2. Finding Other Settings
            1. Sync All Content
            2. My Account
            3. Help
            4. Parental Controls
            5. Looking at device settings
            6. Setting up Wireless and Networks
            7. Working with applications
            8. Choosing Settings for Notifications and Quiet Time
            9. Controlling display and sounds
            10. Working with the onscreen keyboard
            11. New and Improved Accessibility Features
            12. Making security settings
      3. Part II: Taking the Leap Online
        1. Chapter 4: Going Shopping
          1. Managing Your Amazon Account
          2. Visiting the Amazon Appstore
            1. Exploring the world of apps
            2. Searching for apps
            3. Buying apps
          3. Buying Content
            1. Buying publictions through Newsstand
            2. Buying books
            3. Buying music
            4. Buying video
          4. Shopping for Anything Else
        2. Chapter 5: Going Online
          1. Getting Online by Using Wi-Fi
          2. Browsing the Internet with Silk
            1. Using navigation tools to get around
            2. Displaying tabs
            3. Turning on Reading View
            4. Bookmarking sites
            5. Using Web content shortcuts
            6. Choosing Silk's General settings
            7. Searching for content on a page
            8. Searching the web
            9. Reviewing browsing history
            10. Working with web page content
          3. Choosing Privacy Settings
          4. Working with E-Mail
            1. Setting up an e-mail account
            2. Sending e-mail
            3. Receiving e-mail
            4. Forwarding and replying to e-mail
          5. Sending E-Mail to Your Kindle Account
      4. Part III: Having Fun and Getting Productive
        1. Chapter 6: E-Reader Extraordinaire
          1. So Many Things to Read!
            1. Buying books
            2. Using the Amazon Lending Library
            3. Borrowing from your local library
          2. Reading Books
            1. Going to the (Books) library
            2. Opening a book
            3. Navigating a book
          3. Diving In with Immersion Reading
          4. X-Ray for Books
            1. Searching in a book
            2. Bookmarking a page and highlighting text
            3. Modifying the appearance of a page
            4. Sharing with others through Facebook or Twitter
          5. Managing Publications
          6. Buying and Reading Periodicals
          7. Reading Docs on Kindle Fire HDX
        2. Chapter 7: Playing Music
          1. Exploring the Music Library
          2. Searching for Music
          3. Uploading Music to the Cloud
          4. Playing Music
            1. Opening and playing a song
            2. X-Ray for Music
            3. Creating playlists
            4. Editing a playlist
        3. Chapter 8: Playing Video
          1. Streaming versus Downloading
          2. Looking at Your Videos Library
            1. Navigating categories
            2. Creating Your Watchlist
            3. Searching for and filtering content
            4. Setting video quality
          3. Opening and Playing a Video
          4. Using Second Screen to Fling a Movie to Your TV
          5. Using X-Ray for Video and Music
        4. Chapter 9: Going Social
          1. Managing Contacts
            1. Importing contacts
            2. Creating new contacts
            3. Viewing and organizing contacts
          2. Using Integrated Facebook and Twitter
          3. Making Calls with Skype
        5. Chapter 10: Getting Productive with Kindle Fire HDX
          1. Understanding Kindle Docs
          2. Getting Docs onto Kindle Fire HDX
            1. Grabbing docs from your computer
            2. Sending docs by e-mail
            3. Syncing with the Cloud
          3. Understanding Document File Formats
            1. Working with Docs
            2. Opening docs
            3. E-mailing docs
            4. Printing docs: Coming soon
          4. Working with OfficeSuite Pro
            1. Opening a document in OfficeSuite Pro
            2. Using editing tools
          5. Staying on Time with Calendar
            1. Calendar views
            2. Syncing with a calendar account
            3. Adding a new event
          6. Taking and Viewing Photos and Video
            1. Taking photos
            2. Recording video
            3. Getting photos onto Kindle Fire HDX
            4. Viewing photos
            5. Editing photos
            6. Managing photos in the Amazon Cloud Drive
          7. Using the Oxford Dictionary of English
      5. Part IV: The Part of Tens
        1. Chapter 11: Ten Apps That Add Functionality to Kindle Fire HDX
          1. SketchBook Mobile
          2. Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker
          3. Alarm Clock Xtreme Free
          4. Astral Budget
          5. ColorNote Notepad Notes
          6. Calculator Plus Free
          7. AccuWeather
          8. Bloomberg (Kindle Tablet Edition)
          9. Convertr
          10. Wifi Analyzer
        2. Chapter 12: Ten (or So) Top Gaming Apps
          1. Contre Jour
          2. Monsters Ate My Condo
          3. Where's My Perry?
          4. Quell Memento
          5. Blood and Glory: Legend
          6. Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story
          7. Chess Free
          8. Bejeweled 2
          9. Wordsmith
          10. Solitaire Free Pack
          11. Asphalt 8: Airborne
          12. Words with Friends Free
      6. About the Authors
      7. Cheat Sheet
      8. More Dummies Products