Chapter 6

E-Reader Extraordinaire

In This Chapter

arrow Looking into what's available to read

arrow Borrowing and lending books

arrow Opening a good book

arrow Flipping through periodicals

arrow Looking at docs on Kindle Fire HDX

Kindle Fire HDX comes from a family of e-readers, so it's only natural that the e-reader you use to read books and magazines on the device is a very robust feature. With its bright, colorful screen, Kindle Fire HDX broadens your reading experience beyond black-and-white books to color publications such as magazines or graphic novels. Its easy-to-use controls help you navigate publications, bookmark and highlight text, and search your libraries of print content.

X-Ray now works with selected books. When a book is X-Ray – enabled, you can view information about characters in the book and jump to places in the book where they appear. You can also get information about locations and important terms.

In this chapter, you can discover what's available, how to open publications, and how to ...

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