Kingmaker: Be the One Your Company Wants to Keep... On Your Terms

Book description

Joanne has used her extensive business world experiences to put together a very informative primer for those involved in today's workforce. A necessary read.—Dennis Swanson, EVP and COO, Viacom Television Stations Group

Finally, a mentor for each of us. This is a wonderful guided tour of life in corporate America, written in complete, sometimes painful, honesty. Joanne Cini is a career counselor without an agenda or conflict of interest. She gives the reader an up close and personal look at the work world, while insisting on a close and honest look in the mirror. Ultimately, Kingmaker is a very personal journey on the road to self-reliance and personal responsibility.—Lisa G. Churchville, President and General Manager, WJAR-TV Providence, Rhode Island

Kingmaker is a new twist on an old adage: to thine own self be true. Cini's contention, that you must take control of your own life and career in order to define your value potential in the competitive market of big business, is an important lesson for anyone looking to succeed in today's business world.—Ray Heacox, CEO, MediaOcean, a DDS Company

For most of us, empowerment is still a buzz word. Cini, like the mentor you always wanted, guides you to its full meaning in your career-to purposeful, wide-eyed analysis and decisions about what's right for you.—Wendy Tynan, General Manager, Rogen International.

Cini's game is strong: high energy, high personal values, a focus and passion for her work. If your career is worth saving or worth upgrading, then Cini's book is a must read. Written with candor and knowledge, Kingmaker is a blueprint on what to expect and how to achieve in a fast paced environment without losing yourself.—Frank Novak, Special Teams Consultant, Green Bay Packers

The journey Joanne takes us through is based on her own personal odyssey. That said, anyone who has spent a day in the life of Corporate America will relate to her observations. This is an astute chronicle of pitfalls to avoid, road bumps to maneuver, and challenges to aspire to. ENJOY THE RIDE!—Bill Cella, Chairman, MAGNA Global USA.

I intend to buy this book for each of our staff members. It's a clear, concise guide to how employees can achieve excellence, contribute to corporate goals, AND satisfy their personal and professional objectives. In this insightful book, Ms. Cini tells you how to demand more of yourself, your company, and your managers and come out a winner.—Christine Watkins, President and CEO, INVISION Inc.

Honesty is pure oxygen in a world dominated by cynics. Joanne Cini's efforts to instruct others based on her experiences-honest lessons learned in one of the world's pressure cookers, New York City broadcasting-is worth taking note of.—Louis Columbus, Senior Analyst, AMR Research

Your career can't just be the means to an end. It's too important and you spend too much of your life at it. Let it become a means to endless possibilities, passion, and discovery. In Kingmaker, a highly successful former media executive shows you how.

Through Joanne Cini's experience and guidance, you'll make a plan … not just for success, but for bringing passion and personal fulfillment back into your working life, and keeping it there, no matter where your career takes you.

You'll learn positive, value-nourishing ways to move up the corporate ladder, specific techniques for overcoming dysfunctional organizations and "negative energy," which battles are worth a fight, and when it's "game over." Above all, you'll learn specific techniques for keeping your freedom, holding on to your values, and staying focused on your most important whole life goals-business and personal.

  • Moving up without selling out. Positive, dignified strategies for fast-tracking your career

  • What really matters: keeping your eyes on the prize. Staying focused on the goals that really matter to you in your career

  • Choose your next boss. Finding talented, enlightened, generous leaders … and what to do until you do

  • "A New Plan B": protecting your security … and your choices. Creating a "freedom plan" that protects and empowers you and realizing that giving your all doesn't mean giving everything

  • Plan your career for passion, prosperity, fulfillment, and freedom

  • Become your industry's WOW hire

  • Navigate toward the top without compromising your values

  • Excel, execute … and enjoy (almost) every minute

  • Build your own personal value kingdom

  • Learn the four keys to success: excellence, truth, anticipation, and planning

  • Thrive. On your terms and within the house rules. Give them what they want, and still be you.

    Kingmaker is a call to action. Find the flexibility and courage to stake out the most rewarding career possible … even in the face of tough times, bad bosses, and maddening company politics. It's about working within the rules-and gaining the freedom to change them. It's about a working life in which generosity trumps greed, stretch is a given, willingness is necessary, and idealism can be wrapped in reality for great results.

    Kingmaker is devoted to the honor of a great working life. It's a blueprint for transforming your career, no matter where you are: piercing questions to ask, specific actions to take, realistic changes to make … starting today.

    Table of contents

    1. Copyright
      1. Dedication
    2. Praise for Kingmaker
    3. Acknowledgments
    4. Introduction: You’re Outta Here Kid!
    5. I. People, Profit, Politics, and Process
      1. 1. Who’s a Kingmaker?
      2. 2. The Seismic Shift
        1. Excel on the Job
        2. Hold on to Your Values
        3. Plan for the Rest of Your Life
        4. Questions
      3. 3. A Word about Profit
        1. Questions
      4. 4. Politics at Large
        1. Questions
      5. 5. Politics in the Day to Day
        1. Be Yourself and Still Give Them What They Want
        2. The Alliance Dance
        3. Managing Change and Timing
        4. The Trickster
        5. Questions
      6. 6. Losing Like a Winner
        1. Questions
      7. 7. Ego, Fear, and Competition
        1. Questions
      8. 8. The Responsibility of Leadership
        1. Questions
      9. 9. The Champion
        1. Questions
      10. 10. Embrace Diversity
        1. Questions
      11. Summary of Part I: People, Profit, Politics, and Process
    6. II. Excel, Execute, Enjoy!
      1. 11. Value Yourself If You Intend to Be Valuable
        1. Questions
      2. 12. How Can You Affect the Company’s Margin?
        1. Questions
      3. 13. Become Your Manager’s Go-To Person
        1. Questions
      4. 14. Getting a Handle on Obsession and Defensive Action
        1. Questions
      5. 15. When Is It Okay to Break Rank?
        1. Questions
      6. 16. Interview Discovery
        1. Questions
      7. 17. How to Pick (and Get Along With) Your Boss
        1. Questions
      8. 18. Management by Type
        1. Men Versus Women as Managers
        2. Innies Versus Outies as Managers
        3. The Bully Boss
        4. Idealists Versus Realists
        5. The Egomaniac
        6. The One with Two Faces
        7. The Charming Monster
        8. Questions
      9. 19. Preparing for Your Annual Review: Managing Your Value Perception
        1. Contributions Since the Last Review
        2. Strong-Suit Competencies That Apply to Current and Future Positions
        3. Areas You’d Like to Improve On
        4. Responsibilities You’d Like to Grow Into
        5. A Schema Describing Your Vision of Your Future with the Company
        6. How to Disagree with Your Manager’s Viewpoint
        7. Questions
      10. 20. Keeping Clear on What You Think You Want
        1. What Are You Getting Into?
        2. Assume Your Next Role
        3. Questions
      11. Summary of Part II: Excel, Execute, Enjoy!
    7. III. Planning for Passion and Prosperity
      1. 21. Branding Yourself: The Art of Free Agency
        1. Consciously Deliver Quality Work with Dignified Behavior on a Consistent Basis
        2. Create Your Own Board of Directors
        3. Choose to Work for Companies with Respected Leadership
        4. Stay Abreast of Industry Trends, Ongoing Education, and Growing Contacts and Relationships Within Your Company and Industry
        5. Questions
      2. 22. Achieving Fulfillment Through Great Work
        1. Questions
      3. 23. Letting Go and Having a Life
        1. Questions
      4. 24. The Freedom Plan
        1. 1. What is your relationship with money?
        2. 2. Visualize your long-term goals: Work into your 70s? Retire early? Switch careers? Financial independence in your older years? Security in a bad job or stock market?
        3. 3. Freedom versus bondage, freedom versus material goods: Create a value Threshold.
        4. 4. Think like a corporation and protect your profit margin: Your savings and investments.
        5. 5. Don’t be aftraid to bust conventional thinking.
          1. Buster 1
          2. Buster 2
        6. 6. How much money do you really need? How much is enough? Is enough enough?
        7. 7. Look good, take great vacations, and don’t feel deprived.
        8. 8. Don’t worry about what friends or family members say or think about your choices.
        9. 9. Be an active investor. Educate yourself and give time to your financial freedom plan.
        10. 10. Look into resources.
        11. Questions
      5. 25. When Leaving Is the Only Answer
        1. Questions
      6. Summary of Part III: Planning for Passion and Prosperity
      7. 26. Your Personal Value Kingdom
        1. Question

    Product information

    • Title: Kingmaker: Be the One Your Company Wants to Keep... On Your Terms
    • Author(s): Joanne Cini
    • Release date: January 2004
    • Publisher(s): Pearson
    • ISBN: 9780131840300