Chapter 46. Scheduling Packages

Once your packages are deployed, you can schedule them as a job to run automatically through SQL Server Agent. SQL Server Agent runs jobs under its own Windows account, which can pose some security issues when it comes to accessing components in your package. For example, you may have a package that uses Windows Authentication to access a database. When the package is run through SQL Server Agent, Agent will pass its credentials to the database, which may not be adequate. To fix those issues, you can also run packages under a separate Windows account called a proxy account.

To schedule a package through SQL Server Agent, open Management Studio and expand SQL Server Agent

Scheduling Packages

The only difference between the job scheduling page and DTExecUI is that when you schedule a job, you additionally have an option in the job system to run the package in 32-bit mode. To do this, check the "Use 32 bit runtime" property in the Execution Options tab. This option will be required for packages that use Excel files or Access databases, to name just a couple scenarios.

Figure 46-1

Figure 46-1. Figure 46-1

After configuration of the step, click OK and then go to the Schedule page. Click New to create a new schedule and then set the schedule of how often you want the package to execute and click ...

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