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KnockoutJS Starter

Book Description

Learn how to knock out your next app in no time with KnockoutJS

  • Learn how to develop a deployable app as the author walks you through each step
  • Understand how to customize and extend KnockoutJS to take your app to the next level
  • Great examples showing how KnockoutJS can simplify your code and make it more robust

In Detail

Knockout is a JavaScript library that allows developers to create rich, responsive display and editor user interfaces with a clean underlying data model. It’s a JavaScript MVVM library to help you create rich, dynamic user interfaces with clean maintainable code.

The "KnockoutJS Starter" guide pulls from real-world professional app development experiences and brings those to readers in a way that is easy to understand. It works through practical examples in order to showcase both the power of the KnockoutJS library, and illustrate best practices when developing apps.

The guide starts off by working through a real-life app, and then breaks down the patterns and components for the reader to easily understand and reference.

Working through the examples, the reader will see strategies for building out an easy-to-maintain application structure and grasp best-practices for separating business logic from user interface code. Concepts such as retrieving data, building custom user-interface components, and avoiding common mistakes are explained in detail so that the reader can quickly become a pro.

All in all the "KnockoutJS Starter" guide will empower readers with the knowledge they need to take their development skills to another level with KnockoutJS.