Kubernetes Course from a DevOps guru (Kubernetes + Docker)

Video Description

Kubernetes from the ground up; deploy and scale performant and reliable containerized applications with Kubernetes

About This Video

  • This Kubernetes course contains a mini crash course on Docker, so even if you have zero knowledge about Docker, you can still follow along!
  • Master DevOps Skills and stay ahead in the competitive job market!

In Detail

Kubernetes is at the cutting-edge of how the greatest apps scale, the most successful businesses ensure reliability day-in and day-out through all kinds of conditions, and how DevOps engineers around the world keep calm and stay effective. After being released as open-source from Google, where Kubernetes remained their "secret-sauce" in their seemingly infinite ability to scale their global-scale products and services without a hitch for almost a decade, Kubernetes + Docker have become the dominant and de facto standard in how applications containerized using technologies such as Docker are architected, deployed, managed, and scaled. If you consider Docker containers in an application as the individual members of an orchestra, each with a specific job and responsibility to stay on-tempo and on-track with the rest of their peers to deliver a great performance, you can think of Kubernetes as the conductor of the orchestra. It's no wonder then that, with its deep history and long track-record managing production applications ranging from small startups to the biggest companies in the world, Kubernetes is the de facto standard in the emerging area of Container Orchestration. From our first simple deployment of a Tomcat container on a local cluster to building a high-availability cluster serving up WordPress on MySQL that can withstand failures of machines, networks, or disks, we walk you through each task and show you not just the how, but also help you understand the why. We cover practical "gotchas" and other pieces of advice that just reading the documentation won't provide. Whether you're a newbie system administrator, an advanced developer, or even a CTO, when you Learn Kubernetes from a DevOps guru you're bound to gain an understanding into the technology that underpins the most well-designed and delivered applications available today. You will go from zero to Kubernetes hero in 5 hours.

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Introduction to this Course
    1. The Course Overview 00:01:28
    2. How to Take this Course and How to Get Support 00:03:04
  2. Chapter 2 : Docker Crash Course
    1. Introduction to Virtualization Technologies 00:08:35
    2. Docker Software's Client-Server Architecture 00:01:36
    3. Install Docker for Mac/Windows 00:04:40
    4. Install Docker Toolbox 00:04:35
    5. Run Our First Hello World Docker Container 00:05:54
    6. Important Concepts of Docker Technology 00:04:51
    7. Deep Dive into Docker Containers 00:05:02
    8. Docker Port Mapping and Docker Logs Command 00:03:42
    9. Docker Image Layers 00:02:17
    10. Build Docker Images by Writing Dockerfile 00:07:22
    11. Build Docker Images by using Docker Commit Command 00:05:09
    12. Dockerfile In-depth 00:08:03
    13. Push Docker Images to Docker Hub 00:04:44
    14. Containerize a Simple Hello World Web Application 00:09:49
    15. Implement a Simple Key-value Lookup Service 00:08:26
    16. Create Docker Container Links 00:05:32
    17. Automate Current Workflow with Docker Compose 00:07:02
    18. Deep Dive into Docker Compose Workflow 00:05:12
  3. Chapter 3 : Getting Started with Kubernetes
    1. Introduction to Container Orchestration 00:05:12
    2. Overview of Kubernetes 00:03:59
    3. Deploying Kubernetes 00:04:21
    4. Minikube Setup 00:12:22
    5. Your First Kubernetes Application 00:10:21
    6. Basic Kubectl 00:09:40
  4. Chapter 4 : Kubernetes Basic and Core Concepts
    1. Kubernetes Architecture 00:05:09
    2. Scaling Kubernetes 00:09:19
    3. Deploying to Kubernetes 00:06:23
    4. Labels & Selectors 00:06:32
    5. Health Checking 00:05:21
    6. Web Interface 00:06:05
    7. Exercise: - Kubernetes Basic & Core Components 00:06:05
  5. Chapter 5 : Deep Dive into Kubernetes
    1. DNS & Service Discovery 00:21:21
    2. Volumes 00:28:03
    3. Secrets 00:17:15
    4. Usage & Resource Monitoring 00:07:11
    5. Namespaces & Resource Quotas 00:17:33
    6. Auto-Scaling 00:09:33
    7. Auditing 00:20:21
    8. Exercise: Auto-Scaling & Resources 00:04:14
  6. Chapter 6 : Kubernetes in Production
    1. High Availability 00:14:37
    2. Masters 00:44:11
    3. Setting up High Availability 00:17:31
    4. Volumes on AWS 00:12:54
  7. Chapter 7 : Wrapping Up
    1. Finishing Up 00:04:07

Product Information

  • Title: Kubernetes Course from a DevOps guru (Kubernetes + Docker)
  • Author(s): Basit Mustafa’s, James Lee, Tao W
  • Release date: September 2018
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781789806823