3 Basic DAQ Programming Using LabVIEW

This section assumes you have a real DAQ device with analog input and either analog output or digital I/O. If not, see www.LCtechnology.com/noai.htm for suggestions. If you have skipped the preceding chapters and you just want to watch LabVIEW work with your DAQ device right away, continue through Section 3.1.5. Here’s the background information you need:

1.   A VI (pronounced vee-eye) is a LabVIEW program, consisting of two windows—a front panel and a block diagram. By default, the front panel is gray, and the block diagram is white.

2.   Through Section 3.1.5, you will need to be in just one mode in LabVIEW. Once LabVIEW is up and one of its windows is active, hit your <Tab> key until the cursor looks ...

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