APPENDIX ARecommended Resources for Your Business

Congratulations and Welcome. The time is here to go 100% paperless in your business.

Here is my list of recommended resources for your real estate business. So much technology and most of them are free. Here are the tools I use in my real estate business plus additional tools many other investors are using.

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  1. ACR” (All Call Recording) cell phone app. It asks me after every phone call if I want to save the recording of this phone call.
    Picture illustration of a Cellphone app, which helps in recaording a phone call.
  2. Financial Calculator does better than the old HP12c. This little freebie is powerful. Now you determine loan payments, interest rates, and much more, including how to buy discounted notes and mortgages with the return you choose.
    Picture illustration of a Financial Calculator app, whih helps determine loan payments and interest rates.
  3. Open Camera allows you to set your resolution settings to be website friendly. This simply means low resolution ...

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